Our Team

Original 2008 robotics team

Team 2357 first began in a small industrial arts classroom in 2008. The team did not have many students, but they managed to create a robot that did more than crawl across the floor. In 2014 the team when through a change of hands and out of the ashes rose a new team, System Meltdown. With the guidance of many new mentors and parents, the team not only grew in size but also in community involvement. As the new team built up their picture, they saw that they could not succeed that this with just knowledge, they were going to need help and support from their community.

System Meltdown explaining the team to incoming freshman.

FIRST is not only about Engineering and Science, FIRST encourages all teams to build a relationship with community businesses and leaders. Without the help of a team's community, they cannot succeed. System Meltdown uses their community relationships to help better their team and the students that they affect. Team 2357 partners with various community businesses and members to help teach the younger students that you don't have to be the Albert Einstein of your school to enjoy STEM, anyone can learn anything with enough drive and the right resources. System Meltdown looks for students that are searching for those resources to become a resource for the student to build and grow on.

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