Team Meeting: June 23, 2019


  • If we don’t do anything, we won’t go to 2 regionals.
  • Student participation fee? What’s reasonable?
    • $250 each?
  • Need a stated budget
    • 2 accounts: school budget and team budget
    • Starting from scratch in July
    • Start new team spreadsheet for accounting
      • Students: Debrah, Britney
      • Mentors: Lee, Mandy
  • Sponsorships
    • Keep a current list (look on google drive)
    • Add date sponsored to spreadsheet
    • Make personalized video for each current sponsor
    • Presentations
      • Raymore Chamber of Commerce
      • Peculiar Chamber of Commerce
      • Rotary Club
      • Lions Club
      • Ask for sponsorships
      • Ask for activities
      • Students: Stick, Robert, Juanito, Brit, Nathan, Henry
      • Mentors: Kevin, Dennis
    • Mindset: We have a lot to offer. We’re not begging for money. We are looking for partnerships.
  • Haley’s video
    • Need to upload to YouTube
  • Incentives
    • Contact Kevin, Dennis, Lee, Matt, Mandy

Prospecting students

  • Need new team photographer/historian
  • Need business students
  • Getting incoming freshmen


  • Go over the T-Shirt cannon, making sure it’s set up and ready.
  • WPI Lib Workshop: August 10th, 9-4
    • Students: Stick, Connor, Nathan
    • Mentors: Kevin, Lee
    • Student Ambassadors: Brit
  • CAD Workshops: Short series of workshops
    • Student: Robert, Mentor: Zach
    • Use CAD GroupMe
  • Climber:
    • Students: Juanito, Robert, Henry, Alex
    • Mentors: Matt, Garrett, Lee, Kevin


  • Rolling up carpet to make shop space
  • Get schedule started for above
  • Mentor Schedules:
    • Matt: Tuesdays-Thursdays from 5pm on
    • Lee: Weekdays from 6pm on
  • Business meeting next Sunday, 6/30 3-4
    • Parents meeting same time: in Library
  • GroupMe needed for each project. Contact Kevin if you need one made.
  • Climber discussion: Tuesday Jul 25, 5pm

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