Meeting – Jun 2, 2019

Initial Discussion

  • Offseason Coordinators:
    • Separate meeting to discuss how to divide work, etc.
  • Pit redesign – modular bench design
  • Website redesign – 2 separate websites
  • Reach out to Caldwell for our meetings?

Current Items

  • Omio X4 CNC is coming in next 7 days
    • Where is it going in the shop?
      • Dennis suggested on the 3-tier cart, maybe enclosed in crate.
      • Build cart with drop-down feet.
      • Fabrication project.
      • Lee also ordered lubrication jet and fluid.
    • Shipping to Warehouse along with lubrication jet.
  • Middle School Demos
    • Full 8th grade class at RPEMS, 22 interested 8th graders at RPSMS
    • Is this the best use of our time for middle school recruiting?
      • Will FLL be a better one? Other middle school activities?
    • Schedule onboarding days? One soon and one after school starts?

Next Items


  • Season Preparation: What do we need?
    • Training: CAD and programming
    • Need electrical lead
    • Need to know how to use CNC router
    • Powder Coat Setup?
  • T-Shirt Cannon
    • Need to set up and test
    • Advertising space?
    • Shot to audience before game from 50 yard line?
    • Tie in to existing football sponsorships?
      • Talk to Athletic Boosters about how to work with them.
      • Matt M. will investigate for an “in”
  • Remaining $250 from IBM
    • 3D Printer: Ender 3
    • OctoPi setup
  • Peculiar Charitable Foundation
  • What’s important to students in the offseason?
    • Brit: Recruiting and training more students
    • Noland: Proficient at programming the robot
    • Henry: Improving in CAD
    • Robert: Assemble CAD team
  • Recruiting: Scout merit badges? Can we help them get it?
  • Raymore Festival: Invite FLL teams, other fundraising
    • Be in parade?
  • WPI Lib Workshop
    • August 10th proposed
    • Small cost to cover overhead and lunch

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