T-Shirt Cannon Project

The goal of the cannon is to create a safe driving robot that can launch multiple shirts into crowds during sporting events, assemblies, and corporate events. The targeted finish date is August 19th, 2018. More details about the cannon can be found below.

  • Project Adviser: Lee Deal (Mentor)
  • Project Leads : 
    • Kevin Killingsworth (Mentor)
    • Henry Manning
  • Programming Lead
    • Eli Monning
  • Other Project Participants
    • Noah Dorweiler
    • Robert Squires
    • Zach Kerfoot
    • Jaunito Rangel
    • Steve Wasleski (Mentor)

Assistance was also provided by Ted Kruze, who approved the project and will inspect the finished product.

Other specialized equipment used includes the robotics club's 3D Printer, and a CNC Plasma Cutter provided by the school and Mr.Hatfield.

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